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Thousands of members have enjoyed dating success with Uniform Dating and have found everlasting love after meeting at Services Dating. Here are just a few of our members' Success Stories.

Paula from Colchester says she was still married, but going through a really bad patch. Her husband had been having an affair behind her back. She says "He begged me to have him back, but I can't get the other woman off my mind. I first went on online dating sites to spite him, but after a while, on Services Dating I started to chat quite a lot with a Paramedic. Not really serious, but went on a date in secret. It felt as if I was born again, and I could see how much of a rat my husband was. Our affair was low key, until I was free of my hubby. Simon, my paramedic boyfriend, moved in with me last week and life is good. I can't say how good it was to find a site like this that really changed my life for the better."

Pete from Nantwich told us by email "I have served abroad for many years for the Army and discovered after a while that the best years of my life were spent serving my Country, and while my mates had girlfriends and wives back in England, I had nobody at home for me to miss. Now i'm out I have found it difficult to meet women socially, but found success with Services Dating. I also tried the Uniform Dating site but not found as many top lasses there as there are on Services Dating. It's early days yet and i am enjoying the ride.

Ron from Derbyshire says "I don't normally have the time or inclination to pass back feedback, but this time I feel something happened that has changed my life. I met the love of my life through your dating site and we are getting married shortly. It was hard getting to meet suitable girl friends being posted overseas and moving around all the time. but Services Dating proved to be the ideal method to make things happen for us both. Thank you."

Doreen from Grampian emailled us to ask if her account could be closed. "I had almost given up in finding a partner when a friend told me about your uniform dating service. I have now found a nice man and we are very much in love, and it is now time to leave the site please as you have done your duty."

Rhandi from Poole in Dorset says "Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet someone really special on your site. I was beginning to wonder if it was all worth it. But now I can say thank you again."

Jules from Long Eaton told us "I have recommended your site to friends as it worked for me. It was so much better than other dating sites I had tried"

Steve from Acton wrote to us and sent us some of his wedding photos. He'd met Jane on Services Dating, "following many short term relationships that didn't work because I was never at home for long enough. I'm retiring shortly, and although I've loved doing my bit for Queen and Country it was never any good for a lasting relationship. In Jane I've found the love of my life and we are so very happy. Thankyou Services Dating for bringing us together".

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